Product Name: Myanmar National Stadium I, II, III

Product Description: Hosted by the 2013 Southeast Asian Games, with an area of 56,019 square meters and a building area of 32,000 square meters. The stadium building has an oval plane with a saddle-shaped curved surface. The peripheral axis of the projection line is 263 meters long and the short axis is 213 meters. The …

Product Name: Europe & Asia Commercial Company Limited SOFT DRINK FACTORY

Product Description: Phase I Project: B1~3#, B5~8#, B54#, a total of 9 buildings, with a building area of 80000m2, framed structure, arched trusse. 实例名称:Europe & Asia Commercial Company Limited SOFT DRINK FACTORY 实例简介:一期项目:B1~3#、B5~8#、B54#,共9栋,建筑面积80000m2,框排架结构,屋面采用拱型桁架。

Product Name: Mandalay Electrical and Mechanical Mall (under construction)

Product Description: Building area 14177.75m2, frame structure, basement floor, two floors above ground, partially with mezzanine. With 1200 tons of steel. 实例名称:曼德勒机电商场(在建) 实例简介:建筑面积14177.75m2,框架结构,地下一层,地上两层,局部带夹层。用钢量1200吨。

Product Name: Mandalay City Emerald and Gemstone Market

Product Introduction: The building area is 126,183.88m2, the structure is frame, the first floor is a large parking lot, and the second floor is a total of 1296 shops. It is a place for high-end consumer goods wholesale and retail, catering and entertainment. 实例名称:曼德勒市翡翠和宝石交易市场 实例简介:建筑面积为126183.88m2,结构形式为框架,一层为大型停车场所,二层总容纳1296个商铺,是一个集高端消费品批发与零售、餐饮、娱乐的场所。

Product Name: Mandalay Business & Convention Center

Product Description: Construction area of 31000m2, frame structure, with 5200 tons of steel. The project features high component thickness and maximum thickness of 125mm. The difficulty is that the welding process requires high grades. The weld grades are all one-level full-penetration welding. When installed on site, the cranes on large tonnages work on floors and …

Product Name: Laos International Tobacco Group New Project

Product Description: The building area is about 52,100 square meters, and it is divided into a roasting workshop, a silk manufacturing workshop, a packaging workshop, a finished product warehouse, a tobacco leaf warehouse, an office building and a dormitory building. It will be the largest private enterprise in Laos after it is put into operation. …

Product Name: Shenzhen HaiYa Plaza Project

Product Description: Shenzhen Haiya Plaza project land planning area of 102386.07m2, a total construction area of approximately: 460978.27㎡. It consists of a 6-storey commercial podium and its upper two towers. Among them, the commercial center construction area is about: .308752.02㎡. 实例名称:深圳海雅广场项目 实例简介:深圳海雅广场项目用地规划面积为102386.07㎡,总建筑 面积约为:460978.27㎡。由一栋6层高的商业裙房及其上部两座住宅塔楼组成的。其中,商业中心建筑面积约为:.308752.02㎡,住宅建筑面积约为:152226.25

Product Name: Zhangpu County, Fujian Province, Orchid Industrial Park – International Exhibition Center Steel Structure Engineering

Product Description: The building area is 10003.52m2 and the structure type is the space reticulated shell structure. 实例名称:福建省漳浦县兰花产业园–国际兰展中心钢结构工程 实例简介:建筑面积为10003.52㎡,结构类型为空间网壳结构。

Product Name: Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Tianqiao Project

Product Description: Connects Guangzhou, Pazhou International Exhibition Center A, B, C as one of the three exhibition areas, the bridge is 368 meters long and 32 meters wide, can be called the world’s most magnificent pedestrian bridge. 实例名称:广州琶洲国际会展天桥工程 实例简介:连接广州琶洲国际会展中心A、B、C三个展区为一体,该天桥长达368米,宽度32米,堪称是世界最宏伟步行天桥。

Product Name: Guangdong Aike car industry Technology Co., Ltd. new factory

Product Description: The project consists of an office building, three dormitory buildings, a production workshop and a finished product workshop with a total construction area of 165,000 square meters, of which the production workshop area is 105,000 square meters, 3F. 实例名称:广东爱码车业科技有限公司新建厂区 实例简介:项目包括1栋办公楼、3栋宿舍楼、1栋生产车间、1栋成品车间,总建筑面积165000平方米,其中,生产车间的面积为105000平方,3F。

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