Product Name: Myanmar National Stadium I, II, III

Product Description: Hosted by the 2013 Southeast Asian Games, with an area of 56,019 square meters and a building area of 32,000 square meters. The stadium building has an oval plane with a saddle-shaped curved surface. The peripheral axis of the projection line is 263 meters long and the short axis is 213 meters. The total building height is 24.25 meters.


实例简介:2013年东南亚运动会主办场所,占地面积56019m2,建筑面积32000m2,体育场建筑平面呈椭圆形,空间呈马鞍形曲面,外围投影线长轴263m,短轴213m,建筑总高度 24.25m.

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